Suprapubic aspiration versus urethral catheterization

A randomized trial in 80 preterm newborn infants compared two methods of obtaining urine specimens – suprapubic aspiration and¬†urethral catheterization. Only uncircumcised boys were studied. Each infant’s face and upper body were videotaped for five minutes before and five minutes after the procedure. In infants undergoing suprapubic aspiration the pain scores (PIIPP scores) were higher (mean of 13 vs 11 seconds), the duration of crying post-procedure was longer (77 vs 34 seconds), and the success rate of obtaining a specimen was lower (53% vs 71%).

Suprapubic bladder aspiration or uretheral catheterization: which is more painful in uncircumcised male newborns? Badiee et al, 2014.