Status of screening for critical congenital heart disease

Critical congenital heart defects (CCHD) occur in approximately two of every 1000 live births. Screening with pulse oximetry can help in early detection and treatment of CCHD. All 50 US state CCHD newborn screening programs were surveyed on CCHD newborn screening adoption and data collection practices. 43 states have legislation, regulations, or hospital guidelines in place supporting CCHD newborn screening. Seven states and the District of Columbia support CCHD newborn screening as the standard of care with no mandate in place. Data collection within each newborn screening program varied from no data collection to collection of all screening results for every newborn. The types of data collection varied from aggregate data collection only, collection of pass/fail results on all newborns, oxygen saturation results on all newborns, oxygen saturation results on failed newborns only, or a combination of these.

MMWR June 19, 2015