Shortage of doctors expected in the US

An article from the New York Times reports that, partly due to President Obama’s health care law, the US will have a shortage of over 60,000 doctors by 2015. This number will more than double by 2025. There is little that anyone will be able to do to close this gap. Shortage of doctors is described as an ‘invisible problem.’ Some of the reasons for the anticipated doctor shortage: expansion of insurance coverage by the healthcare law, aging of the baby boom generation, insufficient increase in medical school enrollments, shorter working hours by younger doctors, and the fact that about one-third of doctors in the US are 55 or older and nearing retirement. In addition, there is a significant maldistribution of doctors, with some areas of the country having very few doctors while others have a high density.

Doctor shortage expected to worsen with new health law. NY Times 2012.