Relationship between maternal and neonatal creatinine

A retrospective study of 157 neonates less than 30 weeks gestation from one center compared the first neonatal serum creatinine level with the maternal creatinine in the 48 hours prior to delivery. The mean first neonatal creatinine level (0.9 mg/dl) was significantly higher than the mean maternal level (0.6 mg/dl). In no case was the neonatal creatinine value lower than the paired maternal value. In a multivariate analyses the following variables were significantly associated with the first neonatal creatinine – maternal creatinine, first neonatal lactate, hypoxic ischemic changes in the placenta, and multiple gestation.

Relationship of maternal creatinine to first neonatal creatinine in infants less than 30 weeks. Weintraub et al. 2015