Prediction of respiratory morbidity in BPD

A cohort study of preterm infants 23 – 28 weeks gestation from the UK studied the ability of three methods to predict respiratory outcomes at 24 months corrected age as assessed by respiratory health questionnaires. The three methods were: A BPD diagnosis at 28 days postnatal age, a BPD diagnosis at 36 weeks post-menstrual age, and respiratory morbidity as documented by parents at 12 months corrected age (more than 3 – 4 days and/or nights of cough, wheeze, and/or respiratory medicine use each week for 2 weeks). The methods were developed in an initial cohort and validated in a subsequent cohort. Neither BPD at 28 days nor BPD at 36 weeks was associated with any respiratory morbidity. The predictive values for parent-documented respiratory morbidity at 12 months corrected age were higher than for either definition of BPD.

Prediction of respiratory outcome in extremely low gestational age infants. Parad et al.