Maternal vitamin D supplementation to protect against infant deficiency


A randomized trial evaluated the effect of 3 dosage levels of vitamin D supplementation in pregnant women from 13 – 24 weeks gestation until eight weeks postpartum with no infant supplementation. Infant serum 25(OH)D levels were evaluated at eight weeks of age. The mean infant 25(OH)D level was higher when the mother received supplementation at 50-μg/d than 25-μg/d or 10-μg/d. Fewer infants born to mothers in the 50-μg/d group had a 25(OH)D concentration <30 nmol/L (indicative of deficiency) than infants in the 25- and 10-μg/d groups, respectively (2% compared with 16% and 43%; P < 0.05).

Maternal vitamin D3 supplementation. March et al, 2015