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This website is designed for health professionals from all over the world who take care of newborn babies. It is designed to help you in your practice of neonatology, and to keep you informed of emerging knowledge in the field.

This site is not sponsored by or paid for any pharmaceutical company, device-manufacturing company, or other commercial entity.

On this site you can:

Look up clinical practice guidelines.  Under the guidelines section are also included policy statements, practice parameters and other documents published by authoritative bodies.

Look up Cochrane systematic reviews on neonatology topics. The full text of these reviews is available for free from the NICHD website.

Browse summaries of published articles – these are recent or important or interesting articles. These consist of a brief description of the article with a link to the complete article. In some cases the full text of the article is available for free. In other cases the article is available from the journal for a subscription. In many universities, if you are on a campus network and your library subscribes to the journal, you will be able to access the full text by following the link.

Estimate/calculate important clinical parameters using the tools provided to your right.

Watch/listen to educational videos under the ‘video’ section.

Link to other useful neonatology websites and general websites.

Search within this site for article summaries, guidelines, links and other resources.

I hope you will visit this site frequently and that you will find it useful!

Note: This website is still under development and beta testing. So your input and suggestions about how to improve it will be greatly appreciated.

If you have suggestions, or if there are articles or other items you’d like to see posted on this site, please leave a comment below.

Gautham Suresh, MBBS, MD, DM, MS





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