Heparin flushes prolonged peripheral IV catheter patency

A randomized trial compared the use of flushes with 1 ml of heparinized saline (10 U of heparin per ml) versus 1 ml of normal saline in maintaining the patency of peripheral intravenous catheters in neonates > 32 weeks gestation requiring antibiotic therapy. The fluid was administered as an intermittent flush every 12 hours before and after each dose of the intravenous antibiotic. The functional duration of the first intravenous catheter was longer (mean of 72 hours) with heparinized saline than with normal saline (mean of 58 hours). The use of the flush both before and after intravenous antibiotics distinguished this study from prior ones of this nature.

Heparin for prolonging peripheral IV catheter use in neonates. Upadhyay et al, 2015