Burden of venipuncture pain in the NICU

A prospective study of 495 neonates from 16 NICUs in France showed that the mean (SD) number of venipunctures was 3.8 (2.8) for all neonates, and 4.1 (2.9) for neonates less than 33 weeks. The range was 1-19 for all neonates and 1-17 for those less than 33 weeks. Of the venipunctures, 62% were performed successfully in one attempt, 23% with continuous analgesia, and 76% with specific preprocedural analgesia. Pain scores assessed concurrent with venipunctures showed that high pain scores were significantly associated with absence of parents during procedures, surgery during the study period, and higher number of attempts.

The burden of venipuncture pain in neonatal intensive care units. Courtois et al, 2016